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word so come august i finally wasn't working everyday. took a trip to robbie's lake haus with a weird cast of characters. played poker shot bb guns at stuff floated around fukd out of my mind in a pool. wakeboarded til the boat broke down smoked cigs in hot tub watch star wars when ur far far away.


then down to frisco to lose your mind on the long hot empty road. woodland treats and saltwater showers. slithering around virginia beach for a while in the sun and the sea breeze. ride that bike to starbucks tryna bang out some meaning in life, ride back swerving from the rum and cocktail in a can when you don't find it.


as of now, the summer is dead. it's been fun.

"an asshole with a cig" circa early august 2015

a family barbecue with the backwater goons.


haven't seen kaij in two years won't see him again for another two


the two original fuck ups talk fuckin each other up over a few dollars someone stop these men


cigs and bb guns and a boat


drink til you're unstable then go cook hot dogs




this is the key to rex's heart


'yo if we pick the lock we can get her adderall'


COMING UP SOON cast of characters:



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