Return to Very Few Apologies

In a very rare "I" statement from Donald Trump, the 1/16th of the republican candidacy hopefuls has said he is joining Ted Cruz in efforts to shut down the federal government in order to defund the evil organization that is Planned Parenthood. This is an exciting development. While we touched on the brilliancy of Cruz's strategy yesterday, let's now elaborate a little. We have concrete undebatable proof that PP is indeed harvesting fetuses and selling them on the black market to the highest bidder. We even have evidence that some of these fetuses have been used to make a rare soup considered a delicacy in some third world countries. When the atrocity of a situation has reached this level, it's time for drastic action, and that often takes the leadership of a tested and true hero like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. See, shutting down the government will defund PP by default - how can any government program be funded if there is no government? The democrats with their heads up their asses obsessing over petty issues like "preventative cancer screenings" will never see it coming!!! Not to mention, with Trump not even currently holding a government position, this news outlet purports that he could be the perfect surprise factor to shut down the federal government in a lightning quick strike, like a Trojan Horse scenario. Ted Cruz could hide behind Trump's ego and hit the kill switch while no ones looking! Or perhaps Trump will use the distracting cover of Ted Cruz's baffling witch-ghost complexion to spring the trap. Either way, we as a people cannot rest until the scourge that is PP is shut down and destroyed once and for all. #ppsellababyparts #savethefetuses #savehumanity #CHOOSELIFE


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