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I've been saying it for years, the pro-choice activist leadership is only in it for the profit!! They've been selling fetuses left and right to the highest bidder! FACT: Did you know Osama bin laden was actually raised from a fetus sold by PP? I've personally even documented several cases of HUMAN fetuses being sold to ALIENS! From space!! And as if that isn't bad enough, the aliens are here ILLEGALLY!!!! Now that they have our fetuses they'll be coming for our jobs next!!! Ted Cruz is calling for a government shutdown to solve this issue, and while I can't argue with his bulletproof logic that completely shutting down the government is the best way to have an open discussion and resolve a government issue, I say it's not drastic enough for this kind of catastrophe! We should nuke em! Nuke em all! Nuke PP, nuke the activists, nuke the moms just to be safe!!! We must stand together if we are going to save our country from sliding into a pit of death and despair!!!! #ppsellsbabyparts #thesouthwillriseagain

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