Return to Very Few Apologies

i guess this is march and april.......


sometimes i'll hop on gta right when I get back from being out and i've found that that's when the most absurd situations generally happen


john boi wearing all black coming down from his inevitable airport aggro


going to the beach in key west is nice but the drinking is the more mandatory activity this is just a cold hard fact that's better to come to terms with sooner rather than later



bathroom decor game absolutely savage


late night post rum binge still mid rum binge staving off the madness enjoying the warm sea breezes



this is right out front of a food truck that my family was very against for some reason but my mahi tacos proved them wrong i did not share due to the atmosphere of bitterness but i'll count it as a win


corona, hmu for your marketing needs

i'm serious




parrotfish patrol this dock clearly because people regularly feed them probably not great for environmental sustainability but i fed them for the picture i'm not really sorry


more late night madness staving off get at yo mind get at it





pre tendon severance



"it's fly or die come lift off" sometimes it seems like i choose die



david's signature move



smiling islanders sang robbie happy birthday hahaha



new mixtape hmu for details



daily grind daily life



best drink i've had in Charlottesville not an overstatement



this platter of potato salad showed up in our apartment one night no one knows why it stayed for like two weeks also not sure why


this was a trend for a while also not sure why i went to a date function in a white t shirt with wine spilled all over it and sandy threw up all over robbie's bed hahaha



THE END except words:::

So March went something like this: I partied right on up to the wee morning hours of March 6th upon which I passed out in a state of half-bliss in order to wake up and cruise on over for lunch in Richmond. Dinner in Atlanta. Late night pizza in Ft. Lauderdale. Then the real rum binge began. I found myself in Key West once again for the third year counting. That rocky outcrop beneath the tropical sun is a safe haven for the rebellious soul willing to answer the call of the classic black flag. And so it went; it was absurd and beautiful. But I think I’ll save the specifics of those stories for their own installment in this series once time grows on it, like 2014 St. Augustine or NYC. Right, so there were a couple incredible wreck dives, more than a couple bottles of rum, tracking lizards in the jungle, sampling every take on the conch fritter and writing in the island breezes that sound off the palms like fresh rainfall in the Amazon. And then it was back to the strange shifting city that is Charlottesville. Almost immediately, the good homie Robbie and I nearly started a forest fire in attempt to celebrate his 21st birthday. And by forest fire I mean a fire which has the capability to rip through a bed of tall dry grass, to dry shrub, to large tree. After dousing the flames I proceeded to sever four of my tendons and one nerve. It was only appropriate given the circumstances. So naturally I had to lay low for a little while. And by lay low I primarily mean get high on the copious amounts of painkillers the doctors prescribed me. Right, so in that state I began to write a series of things with the working title “The Ramble Sessions.” That will not be the ultimate title, but the writing has been alive again. 

Spring began to creep along and I found myself smoking cigarettes heavy on the balcony after taking oxycodone and whilst drinking coffee. I gradually waned off the things throughout the day in order to drink at night and that went as you would generally expect. Homies and sessions and parties and all assorted mayhems in the town of Charlottesville. I wore a brace that ran from my elbow down over my fingers. It was an interesting time. Warm weather and the headiest highs you could imagine. We got by. Pictured above is the old fashion I drank on Easter after brunch along with one of the many emptied bags of wine that brought many a person to their knees. Or maybe it was more of a hunched over general crouch vomiting violently on somebody else's bed kind of stance than on the knees. I seent it. The last drawing on there was done with my left hand. That blurry turkey and cheese sandwich with key lime pie on the side - they tell you you can't just casually reach nirvana, but the food prep for that scenario was pretty damn casual. The rest is really just a vague depiction of the time in between the life. Stay moving.

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