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HAHAHA THIS PICTURE IS SHIT QUALITY BUT LOOK AT DAVID'S FUCKIN POWER STANCE WHATS HAPPENING. i shouldn't even talk though cuz I almost got thrown out after 'making an entrance' that I don't entirely recall. Smilanders killing it as usual.


This is me fuckin up / doin it. I dig pictures like this cuz they really just represent daily life for me. I spend a lot of time at this desk working on all my incessant crazed projects, i.e. this site, Avast Co, the next zine, etc. Black spirits, some good drink, and a to-do-list will take you a longggg ways.

This place has fucking bomb ass margaritas, like if you drink 3 beers before you go and then get a jumbo it'll put you on your ass quicker than you'd ever expect. Also, there's like 15 of these pictures and David did that same fuckin pose with the guac every single time. 


This is a rooster that I saw in Key West. That's all. Roosters just roam around freely all over that town, it's so hype.

My homie Robbie cruising this little lot on a random February 65 degree day. That's actually a decent little incline you see there but you know how hills never fuckin show  up right on a picture. Then in the back past that last car where it turns to the left it actually slopes up a good bit more so if you start all the way up you can get a hype little pump up to the turn and groove around a pretty good bit. Perfect little spot when you wanna fuck around but aren't feeling that hype.

Random edit of Raleigh from Funk Summer / Avast Co workshop sessions. As seen all over the rest of this fuggin site.



So we spent a few days in August out in the woods going mad looking for waves and eating hot dogs and drinking rum incessantly under the blanket of late summer heat. In a hazy state of mind these stretches became the deserts between outposts of towns and we would lose ourselves in the centerline blur and jams de Milkhand. Oversaturated picture courtesy of me fuckin up. Fairly representative of the whole thing though.


These are just four random scenes from my room that describe it pretty well. The place is kind of like a cave, but I got three plants in it now, and they're actually fuckin exceling in low light / very irregular water conditions. Last week I almost threw up on a girl sitting where the first picture was taken. Cheers!

And on each of these "Stories from the archives" deals I'm gonna have at least one longer story, so here you go... be entertained.



So this is a picture of the bay from early-midish-October. I spend a lot of time out there in the summer just cruising and fishing and shit occasionally drinking rum with my dad. Two little tales here. One, on one of the last dives we did, out at the first island, just a nice shallow cruise over the crevices with the spadefish on the perimeter and all the toadfish below, we swam down the pile and then on the return trip the sun came out fully and was dazzling, there’s really no better word for it, and the current picked up and was pushing, and it was the closest I’ve ever felt to flying, I fuckin swear. I was putting in no effort, pumping like a fuckin dolphin, doing twists and flips and all that shit. It was incredible.


Two: Right so I was running out towards the mouth of the bay headed to the ocean just to meander and catch the fresh wind. I came up close past the pound nets and saw a fucking conundrum in the not so far distance. It was the Navy out in full force running war games right there off the base. So, as I could only see but so much, and they swang way the fuck out into the far shipping channel, and being near shore as I was, the going around move just didn’t make sense. So I pushed the throttle and kept my course. As I came up closer I saw an exchange of landing amphibious assault vehicles happening. Right in front of me. From both sides rather. That’s to say one was coming from starboard, one from port, and my trajectory was putting me in the dead fuckin center. Well, stopping didn’t seem to make sense, so I gunned it. Shot the fuckin gap. Right, that was all good and such, but then the patrol boats started closing in, and they weren’t quite as hype as I was about my maneuvering. I pushed the throttle down and tried to keep my course but those dudes have like triple outboards. So with the homie on the 50 cal swiveling towards me and the sun glinting just so perfectly off his sport cut sunglasses I decided it’d be best to go ahead and cut my engine as I could now hear him yelling over a loudspeaker to do just so. Turns out everything was all fine. The captain of the patrol boat was real cool. I think I saw some stingrays that day out in the ocean.

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