Return to Very Few Apologies

So I always fluctuate with shit, like this. The last post I was all like "Yes here's everything that I have for the past month! It's fully documented! In sequential order!" And right now I'm like "Shit, fuck that, the last month was crazy and this is supposed to be fun." So here's an assortment of random shit from the archives. Late 2014 flows into 2015. 



unidentified. post hype from a mixer with fungi and martinis.

for the boiz!!!! milkhand and cwisstaco

makin' shit and what not.

David Gray in between the thrash jamz.

supplies for night travels on the homestead.

first night sighting in nyc.


me in unidentified happenings at a birthday party.


Robbie and Charlie posted l8 night.

New Years in the Outer Banks was tight. A ton of homies rolled and some weirdness went down. A couple stories were recorded.

Me becoming one with my couch.


City Light$$$$$$$$$$

Yo Scarface is tight. I watched Wolf of Wall Street too and stayed up till 5am when me and milks had to catch the greyhound to nyc.

me n robbie on the sickest snapchat game. jk lol rofl omg##############

this is my foot. i don't know why I took this picture and then took the time to edit it.

the chicas up in the cut.

me n david up in the cut.



Sonic intimate shot


here's my sister and my grandma eating a sundae. also ft. salmon but all good things must come to an end.

NYC unidentified files. Pianos on Ludlow St.

Solo trips to the beach at home are one of my fuckin favorite things.



me and gma fuckin po$ted

STP in paula's crib

actually though. fuck quotes. stop searching for someone else who said it and just say it yo damn self.


emily, me, n milk$ in nyc.

the smilanders killed it again turn da fUk uP (ft. rare: david gray on acoustic)

charlie's over it.

the first night in nyc we went to this bar called No Fun and it was no fucking fun. $7 bud lights! the rest of the night was absolutely ridiculous but that story is for another time. (coming soon!)


post grunge still doin it #grimey

more beach $cene$ from home

kuma is the fukin move. there's been some sake bomb nights recently.

jofo and bp, dinner in richmond.

homestead steady grindin' in the room over the garage.

nyc, milk$, 4:48am, unknown locale.

uptown dawgzz###

There's this brunch spot right on the bay and that's the last time I see the water before driving back to the mountains.

i make shit like this when i'm doing shit like watching tv with my family or avoiding responsibilities

and then there's actual grind time.

homemade lunchable son


$quad up for cig$

the crib spot in ny. this place was tight, perfect base camp, and downstairs there was a wildass taco bar.


another b&w one of milkhand in nyc. some rooftop exploring.

more $cene$ from home#### this is my favorite evening spot.


yo here's some dope ass barnacles did you know barnacles are born swimming in the water column and they settle down when they reach maturity

top of the rock where it was dark and cold af but we got some shitty auntie anne's pretzel dogs before and another bottle of rum after

sticker squad doin it big in nyc. inspiration for the new avastco shit comin yo way soon.

i.e. anti-hype comin at cha live

one la$t beach $cene. she's alive.

and we're gonna be back in charlottesville for a while now.

looking ahead.


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