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It's half way through December as I get my shit together in the happenings of life for the past month now. A lot happened, a lot of ups and downs and times, and a lot of strange times. I'm sitting here my first night at home with two rum and cokes poured out strong next to me, Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis is on, and you know, it's one of those moods where it's all just so bad it's good - there's so many questions to ask that there's just none, and you don't care about what it all means. It's just life, movin... just movin. No questions asked.


11/19 this is apparently about 4:30am on Paula's porch. I can't speak for what was happening but it's a standard scene. Rage around til things get weird and then crash on a couch.

11/19 couple meals. I finally went to Kroger and bought some dank shit and was in some weird ass mood where I decided to reverse all my recent attempts at healthy habits in a sincere effort to 'ball out.'

so this one was around 9pm~~

Then around 3am after some kind of night~~

So on 11/21 I slept all day and then woke up late for a potluck at a friend's place and pre-prepared myself heavily and bought a large bottle of champagne then rolled
and i found josh there!!!!
here's me n josh doing some kind of martial arts inspired shit in the background
me n aline @ said potluck as i got turnt af
i think that's all the picatures; the night ended well doe.

11/25 early early morning here's some random screenshot from gta vice city. i take a shit ton of screenshots of this game that i think are funny and then obviously don't do anything with them. this one's here to represent the downtime in this past month where i do worthless shit, like play gta on my phone, and also watch house. there's been a lot of that in between the running around and the more recent wild ass tweak vibes.

then 11/25 day n night couple grabs. this was the going home for thanksgiving. i ran around packing all last minute as usual, grabbed six brownies, stopped at david's for like a 2 hour photo review / coffee convo sesh, then headed out for the road. i do enjoy the road.

~roadtrip food is justified, no matter what~~
i like moving, particularly going fast. seed by sublime was probably playing. honestly, try playing it loud while you're driving and not going at least 90.
home means room over the garage drinks (like right now), and often the drinks are my parents', which means heavy rums and coronas. thank God my parents have good taste.
ya so then my homie cwiss told me he was actually heading to the obx for the rest of break so i was like fuck, i gotta catch up with this kid, so i rolled over there probably around 12:30 to kick it. couple beers, couple brownies, couple stories shared. this is his dog, misty. i was there when they got her in like 3rd grade. now she's old and super mellow.

11/26. so milkhand hit me up and was like 'yo i need a wingman for this weird shit at some bar' and of course i was like 'sure' and then we hit up starbucks first and i was like 'wanna eat a brownie each' and naturally he was like 'sure' and ya then the night happened.

~here we are in starbucks~~
~~unfortunately i didn't stop to take any pictures in the bar. but it went a bit like this: those chicas aforementioned never materialized but i never asked. the brownies took us somewhere into the upper atmosphere and then abandoned us with no fuckin cruise control. the scene was hype af and pretty much everything was overwhelming and everybody was drinking shitty beers and i was pounding doubles on mix dranks and we didn't have any cigarettes. also we ran into about 6007 people from high school that kind of seemed like characters from some foreign story at the time. anyway, here's milkhand and lenscap on pacific avenue afterwards on our way to rick's cafe where i got a chipotle chicken sub and french toast.

11/27 at home, my dad and sister. el senor and jofo. angle from me laying on the floor as we watch random shit on tv and can't agree on a movie.

11/28 early morning maybe 1:20am. this is just a room over the garage scene on a grind / create night on the homestead, when i do shit like put this sequence together or better yet make some new art that goes under 'Creations' on here. a lot of these motherfuckers are my childhood creations. others are just random artifacts.

11/28 afternoon. couple fuckin homies at the friendly neighborhood starbucks. milkhand and josh catchin' up.
then later when josh dipped and me and milks bought some random shit at chkd and then went to guads. basically we used to always roll up in this spot as yung fuckheads back in the day with the crew, surfing through the evening, hitting on random tourist girls at the boardwalk, and then finishing it out with tacos. and here we are, both finally 21, legally ordering a couple margaritas. time is strange let me tell ya.
later that night i had to go to my neighbors', family friends on mulitple levels. they were having a tailgate kinda thing and i hate football in general and there were about 704 people that i knew there from high school so the only reasonable decision was to drink myself to oblivion, or at least to being comfortable with putting my feet in the firepit because it was 'warm.' whatever, my dad poured half the drinks. selfie in their bathroom.

11/29 evening after some weird shit and up in the shopping center by my neighborhood that i used to always skate up to with the crew back in the day. the sky was spreading its own message.

all i know is that this was after 4am on december 1st and some werid shit had definitely gone down.

12/2 around 1:30am. me david n robbie rolled over to paulas about this time for some usual / heavy / largely undocumented occasion. here's the boards. lots of times we skate for 30-45 minutes after saying we'll be there 'in a minute; we're actually leaving now'
me n david not even feeling it, actually 10 seconds after the boards pic... couple brownies~~~
and later here's DA SQUAD! as we're about to dip, maybe a lil after 3:30am... 

12/2 random solo afternoon shot, 'untold scenes from the table.' always a combination of aftermath, the present, and what's to come.

12/3 another untold scene from the table, only a different table. this is in the main room of the apartment as me and robbie have / had been taking tobacco bowls. lemme tell you, those shits will hit quick and brief, but they will take you to another world for those seconds.

12/4 3am dealing with real shit vibes!!!!


12/5...Friday! Friday night lights!
So here's a dumpster with an Avast sticker. This is a dumpster we generally roll past to get from my place to Paula's. On this occasion I believe it was me and robbie finally rolling over to pregame the o'records show at boylan, which basically means rex, james, paula, and david were all playing - everybody but me and robbie.
ya so we pregamed at paulas, rolled back to our place, pregamed quite heavily more, and then we rolled up to the show, which was dope. quite dope. the right substances and many a drink. here's a few grabs. fridayyyy~~


~~we missed rex and james open but here's david and the smilanders in heavy thrash mode speed blur:
we've seen them, especially at boylan, a bunch. and i gotta say, they groove hard as fuck. even if it wasn't homies on stage, i'll say nonobjectively, they're worth checking out.

~~ cha, so here's me, david, n a couple beers in between songs. 
~here's david and this girl that i don't remember her name doing the last song together. it was super hype; it was that song that's like "are you gonna be my girllll" and david was in her face as he sang that line and she was super nonchalant like "maybe" and i was like "OHHHHH" cuz c'mon, that's perfect improv...
and then here's the end groove, that song, and errybody got up on stage..... HYPE ASS SCENE

~paula hopped up and started groovin' then she pulled rex up

~and rex fuckin' got up on the groove (the bearded homie in case it isn't clear yet)
~then robbie was like fuck and hopped up on da stage
~and once that happened i was like 'fuck, okkk... yes i do wanna be on stage.' and so i hopped up. and the video grabs continue: here's trumpet kid up close and personal:
and just to sum it up, mind u all of this was just iphone frame grabs from an iphone video edited, not my nice ass canon or some other nice ass shit~~~here's two random mothafukas cruisin' and groovin' up on stage as that last hype song evolved into a groove, and as it approached its last 60 seconds ~ the vibe was right and the hype was so real. i can't promote shit more real than this. just a couple dudes that i don't fuckin' know at all headbaning' for the camera, and more so for the heavy music goin' on in the picture's current scene. on stage, live, feelings, no thoughts. this is life happening.

So yeah, that last song ended somewhere a bit after midnight that night. I remember a lot of vague things occurring. Amongst them and more chillin', here's two selfies, for better or for worse, highly descriptive of what happened in the next hour~~~

And then here's David getting reckless less than 10 minutes later on our skate back over to Paula's:
Chaaaaa, 12/6 morning~~~~~~

12/6 night vibes. Fairly sure I was supposed to study 'all day and all night.' I slept throughout the day and then here's the night ~ Saturday:

~The bathroom at Coupe's still supports the old skool avast sticker with the new $$ mothafuka in purple. i don't remember putting either of them up, but here's a picature of both efforts living on. 11:28pm.
11:51pm i dig chillin with this crew. emily, k8, maggie, n anisha.
lil l8 nite bagel n oj afters.
lil l8 nite emily afters~~~
she's a dope ass chica~~

12/8, here's what i got next ~ me and rex kicked it this evening and eventually tried to hit abc, which was closed, so we ended up hitting mccy d's and taco bell, particularly for those cinnabon dessert things ::: 
so then here's lookin down at my feet in el coche after i  bought the modelos in kroger and was waitin on rex to materialize ::: 
l8r when me and rex were there af after buying a couple 40s in addition to everything and assuring paula that it was a 'study factory' happening and preceeding to munch and watch the fuckin' globe best movie acceptance award speech on youtube amongst other great things, i.e. have you searched johnny depp's drunken award presentation where he plays himself ( ) ((that's it)). cha ::: 
and then l8r still that same night when erryone was vibing light but shortly after i was like "i'm dying"
and then 4:20am that morning just for kix ::: ~~ 

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