Return to Very Few Apologies

11/16 going on 5 am after the party and the substances and the girls and the doing it big and the mexican food that comes after such things and after robbie bombed the big hill on the way back and banked way too hard at the turn and had to fucking combat roll out and actually came the closest i've seen anyone come to getting wrecked by a car. then we cruised this hill over and over and it was the absolute fuckin right thing to do.


same time as the last one. a galactic look down at the ground to take in the moment.


11/14 red roof inn view. chilling with my dad is always a good time. we swap story and condemn half the world and order too much food and watch terminator 3 and he makes drinks that make my concotions taste like juicy juice.

11/14 lurking in the red roof inn and drinking a ton of free coffee that tasted like shitty water

11/13 David and the islanders thrashing at Coupes. They were on it. Meanwhile I ran up an excessive bar tab on fuckity fuck fucks and got into some absurdity. It was a good night for all parties.


11/13 in class doodle.


so this is probably late night 11/12, trying to do basically this shit. my mind is perpetually in some sort of semi-melted state.


11/12 same as the last one. This is my zone, the workshop currently. All the necessary supplies, the right lighting, ty segall radio on the pandora, geodude kickin it, tattoo supplies out for the 2nd one, a little whatyouth zine for some good visual wandering, clam shell ash tray to feel at home. This is my zone.

So 11/4 - 11/9 was a fucking wild ride. I lost my phone on the first day so there's not so much photographic evidence. The good news is I'm in the process of writing it so that might appear on here at some point. Chaaa


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