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This is a little synopsis of my mid May trip down to St.Augustine. It was the kickoff of the Funk Summer for me and a much needed session of madness with my fuckin homie, Milkhand. Basically, we ruled the world for like five days. Cha


take all you can and give nothing back. motherfuckers. this is when we were walking over some bridge and we absolutely had to stop to take a couple pictures with these majestic lion statues and after drinking $80 worth of alcohol that we paid 7 dollars for, all to get to this fuckin groove spot called Nobby's where we played a deer hunter game and watched some grimy band do it big and the bouncer gave me a fucking full length exam because i was using our amigo's from home id and we look as similar as my lamp and fucking left wrist. "yeah man i know haha the facial hair just really changed it up." you get the picture. that fine gurl there is the homie's drawing.

^^^this i believe i wrote at the end of the final night before the morning and the packing and the airport but it was the night still absolutely and the wee hours and the strange hours and the original version had about 2.6million typos so that's where i was at. you got to put in work if you want anything done right.

vvvv this is the main room in my homie's apartment. there were some raw sessions out here. and so many fucking modelos. 
vvvv this one evening we rocked up to this spot to get some cheesesteaks and we were super there as we were the whole trip and this lady was mocking the fuck out of me for ordering american cheese on my cheesesteak instead of provolone and i kind of knew she was right since both my parents grew up near philly but i was like fuck it im craving american plus what the hell are you doing here this is florida. oh and we played mortal kombat.vvvv this fuckin place. we ate here multiple times. the first time was a solo mission when milks was in class and i had woke up drankin and hitting it and coolin it and it was so nice out and the streets are old-style Spanish architecture and the skies are blue and they were playing some jimi hendrix song in this place that i promised myself i would remember because it was so perfect but i don't and i got a ufo taco which is basically a super dank taco inside a quesadilla and the whole time i thought to myself "This is it." because how often to you get to roam a city completely foreign to you completely alone, just taking it in. Taking it all in.^^^^ and then a couple creations of the raw sessions at the kitchen table in the apartment obviously with appropriate resources and milkhand's record player and exquisite music tastes jamming and the floors were white tile and cool and the floorplan was open and there were also modelos everywhere and the sun slanted in low between the blinds and the waves fucking sucked as they did the whole trip but i daresay neither of us even gave that sad news a thought. 



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