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11/3 in class doodle. another day of quality note taking. i was really pissed off this day cuz my professor brought in a big bag of halloween candy and passed it around the room and the fuckers in my class couldn't even handle getting it around. the girl in the row next to me was like "where does this go next" and then just passed it back where it came from. like c'mon. fucking blowing it.


So the next 6 pictures are from Sunday 11/2 when my mind fucking melted down to the floor and spread around the room like dead Flubber in some july heat. Except it was cold out. This was the second cold day.


This is Para Coffee which is a good spot. I absolutely had to do work on this day so naturally after I had a good breakfast of bourbon bbq wings and a hot sub with my parents me and the homie hit it and went to ponder life.


this is all you need to ponder life effectively.

when we left we saw some people eating giant bowls of soup and noodles in this place and thought 'we need that, immediately.'

this is me smoking my 304th cig of the day while the homie bullshitted on the phone. the place behind me was grooving on some funk jazz / bob marley / jimmy buffet

the homie returning victoriously after explaining to some girl that he was terribly sorry that he forgot about an important birthday dinner and would not be able to make it.

and then we dined. this place is fuckin right. honestly i still don't know what was in this but it was dank as was the free tea and special korean appetizer that our waitress provided for us. meanwhile, our brains exploded and the room shifted and it was one of those times there's no point in trying to put into words. life is strange.


societal fuck up squad ghoul killas. doodle in class 10/29. my notes are really good.


trying to get it all out. iced americano in a jar on a tuesday. 10/28


10/25 after the best brunch ever. couple mountains.


another pride rock moment that i snagged on Paula's 35mm disposable. i need to shoot more fucking film.


10/24 night or really early 10/25 morning. I'm not even feeling it. David and Jamer are possessed. Paula is becoming a cartoon and Rex is a cartoon. The woodlands had taken their effect on us. This is Pride Rock. To the left behind David's and my head is a forty foot ravine. To the front just past Rex is the valley and the whole world. Up above is the Milky Way. The whole thing.


10/24. this picture of me generally sums up my life. ~~so i drank the absinthe at 3 and then we left at 4 something or really 6 something and then we rode and the journey was under way and we were in the mountains and in the woodlands. This is later at David's sister's camp and some dude took it who I never knew his name. Paula's 35mm disposable. 


me drinking an absinthe at like 3 in the afternoon


10/23 night to 10/24 morning. This was a weird time. A big thanks to Paula for bringing us a whole pizza though. That was fucking awesome.


10/23 doodle in class.

10/23 just after midnight. This is how shit happens.


the homie on the 3am grind 10/22. mojo fuckin chicken


a doodle in class on oct.20

me being an asshole without even trying. mi amigo jamer took this one.


one of my earliest memories is minute maid grape soda in cans at the rec center. that's what this one reminds me of. gravestones.


lol jk

some tropicana grunge

this is me at like 5 in the morning when im like whatever how long could this possibly take and then the sun comes up


yo dude in the back - where's your head at man

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