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Heres some shit from a while ago to get things poppin


This is Beary from like right before the Funk Summer (aka summer 2014) when things were on some in-between vibes and super weird. This dude still gets me weak.



Big Boi in space



winterish spring 14.

rooster. key west grind march 14.

key west '14. White Street. Be Nice.

this never saw the light of day.

Sir Urchin Galore, your Majesty. a late night mind purge. He shatters a barrier, thus bursting into the next dimension.


'robotrip' aka the future

thyy release


this is always a really good sandwich and every time the people at Bodo's are like "wait so you want that all on the same sandwich?" and im just like fuck is it really that weird to want BLT w/ turkey&cheese and a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese? idc bye have a nice day

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