11/16 going on 5 am after the party and the substances and the girls and the doing it big and the mexican food that comes after such things and after robbie bombed the big hill on the way back and banked way too hard at the turn and had to fucking combat roll out and actually came the closest i've seen anyone come to getting wrecked by a car. then we cruised this hill over and over and it was the absolute fuckin right thing to do.


same time as the last one. a galactic look down at the ground to take in the moment.


11/14 red roof inn view. chilling with my dad is always a good time. we swap story and condemn half the world and order too much food and watch terminator 3 and he makes drinks that make my concotions taste like juicy juice.

11/14 lurking in the red roof inn and drinking a ton of free coffee that tasted like shitty water

11/13 David and the islanders thrashing at Coupes. They were on it. Meanwhile I ran up an excessive bar tab on fuckity fuck fucks and got into some absurdity. It was a good night for all parties.


11/13 in class doodle.


so this is probably late night 11/12, trying to do basically this shit. my mind is perpetually in some sort of semi-melted state.


11/12 same as the last one. This is my zone, the workshop currently. All the necessary supplies, the right lighting, ty segall radio on the pandora, geodude kickin it, tattoo supplies out for the 2nd one, a little whatyouth zine for some good visual wandering, clam shell ash tray to feel at home. This is my zone.

So 11/4 - 11/9 was a fucking wild ride. I lost my phone on the first day so there's not so much photographic evidence. The good news is I'm in the process of writing it so that might appear on here at some point. Chaaa


This is a little synopsis of my mid May trip down to St.Augustine. It was the kickoff of the Funk Summer for me and a much needed session of madness with my fuckin homie, Milkhand. Basically, we ruled the world for like five days. Cha


take all you can and give nothing back. motherfuckers. this is when we were walking over some bridge and we absolutely had to stop to take a couple pictures with these majestic lion statues and after drinking $80 worth of alcohol that we paid 7 dollars for, all to get to this fuckin groove spot called Nobby's where we played a deer hunter game and watched some grimy band do it big and the bouncer gave me a fucking full length exam because i was using our amigo's from home id and we look as similar as my lamp and fucking left wrist. "yeah man i know haha the facial hair just really changed it up." you get the picture. that fine gurl there is the homie's drawing.

^^^this i believe i wrote at the end of the final night before the morning and the packing and the airport but it was the night still absolutely and the wee hours and the strange hours and the original version had about 2.6million typos so that's where i was at. you got to put in work if you want anything done right.

vvvv this is the main room in my homie's apartment. there were some raw sessions out here. and so many fucking modelos. 
vvvv this one evening we rocked up to this spot to get some cheesesteaks and we were super there as we were the whole trip and this lady was mocking the fuck out of me for ordering american cheese on my cheesesteak instead of provolone and i kind of knew she was right since both my parents grew up near philly but i was like fuck it im craving american plus what the hell are you doing here this is florida. oh and we played mortal kombat.vvvv this fuckin place. we ate here multiple times. the first time was a solo mission when milks was in class and i had woke up drankin and hitting it and coolin it and it was so nice out and the streets are old-style Spanish architecture and the skies are blue and they were playing some jimi hendrix song in this place that i promised myself i would remember because it was so perfect but i don't and i got a ufo taco which is basically a super dank taco inside a quesadilla and the whole time i thought to myself "This is it." because how often to you get to roam a city completely foreign to you completely alone, just taking it in. Taking it all in.^^^^ and then a couple creations of the raw sessions at the kitchen table in the apartment obviously with appropriate resources and milkhand's record player and exquisite music tastes jamming and the floors were white tile and cool and the floorplan was open and there were also modelos everywhere and the sun slanted in low between the blinds and the waves fucking sucked as they did the whole trip but i daresay neither of us even gave that sad news a thought. 



11/3 in class doodle. another day of quality note taking. i was really pissed off this day cuz my professor brought in a big bag of halloween candy and passed it around the room and the fuckers in my class couldn't even handle getting it around. the girl in the row next to me was like "where does this go next" and then just passed it back where it came from. like c'mon. fucking blowing it.


So the next 6 pictures are from Sunday 11/2 when my mind fucking melted down to the floor and spread around the room like dead Flubber in some july heat. Except it was cold out. This was the second cold day.


This is Para Coffee which is a good spot. I absolutely had to do work on this day so naturally after I had a good breakfast of bourbon bbq wings and a hot sub with my parents me and the homie hit it and went to ponder life.


this is all you need to ponder life effectively.

when we left we saw some people eating giant bowls of soup and noodles in this place and thought 'we need that, immediately.'

this is me smoking my 304th cig of the day while the homie bullshitted on the phone. the place behind me was grooving on some funk jazz / bob marley / jimmy buffet

the homie returning victoriously after explaining to some girl that he was terribly sorry that he forgot about an important birthday dinner and would not be able to make it.

and then we dined. this place is fuckin right. honestly i still don't know what was in this but it was dank as was the free tea and special korean appetizer that our waitress provided for us. meanwhile, our brains exploded and the room shifted and it was one of those times there's no point in trying to put into words. life is strange.


societal fuck up squad ghoul killas. doodle in class 10/29. my notes are really good.


trying to get it all out. iced americano in a jar on a tuesday. 10/28


10/25 after the best brunch ever. couple mountains.


another pride rock moment that i snagged on Paula's 35mm disposable. i need to shoot more fucking film.


10/24 night or really early 10/25 morning. I'm not even feeling it. David and Jamer are possessed. Paula is becoming a cartoon and Rex is a cartoon. The woodlands had taken their effect on us. This is Pride Rock. To the left behind David's and my head is a forty foot ravine. To the front just past Rex is the valley and the whole world. Up above is the Milky Way. The whole thing.


10/24. this picture of me generally sums up my life. ~~so i drank the absinthe at 3 and then we left at 4 something or really 6 something and then we rode and the journey was under way and we were in the mountains and in the woodlands. This is later at David's sister's camp and some dude took it who I never knew his name. Paula's 35mm disposable. 


me drinking an absinthe at like 3 in the afternoon


10/23 night to 10/24 morning. This was a weird time. A big thanks to Paula for bringing us a whole pizza though. That was fucking awesome.


10/23 doodle in class.

10/23 just after midnight. This is how shit happens.


the homie on the 3am grind 10/22. mojo fuckin chicken


a doodle in class on oct.20

me being an asshole without even trying. mi amigo jamer took this one.


one of my earliest memories is minute maid grape soda in cans at the rec center. that's what this one reminds me of. gravestones.


lol jk

some tropicana grunge

this is me at like 5 in the morning when im like whatever how long could this possibly take and then the sun comes up


yo dude in the back - where's your head at man

Heres some shit from a while ago to get things poppin


This is Beary from like right before the Funk Summer (aka summer 2014) when things were on some in-between vibes and super weird. This dude still gets me weak.



Big Boi in space



winterish spring 14.

rooster. key west grind march 14.

key west '14. White Street. Be Nice.

this never saw the light of day.

Sir Urchin Galore, your Majesty. a late night mind purge. He shatters a barrier, thus bursting into the next dimension.


'robotrip' aka the future

thyy release


this is always a really good sandwich and every time the people at Bodo's are like "wait so you want that all on the same sandwich?" and im just like fuck is it really that weird to want BLT w/ turkey&cheese and a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese? idc bye have a nice day

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