The brush is a stretch of scrub and rolling dune and tucked away sandy open space all connected by shoddily paved interweaving roads. The only way to approach it is to lose yourself immediately in a general haze and replenish the fluids lost to incessant sweat under the high sun with beer after beer after rum drink. The madness inevitably sets in as haze gives way to drunkenness to cigarette to haze and on through the swirling vortex. But the bottom never comes in the brush. That is really the thing. Down, down, down you go but you’re always going. Going until the golden orange sun breaks the surface in that pink and purple soft blue sky over the green grass dyed golden across the rolling hills and peaks of sand breathing forth from the sea to the south that gives a heaving sigh of life to the breast of the whole thing. 




So there were Modelos and local NC brews and Yeunglings and an entire bottle of eight year aged Bacardi chased by Capt. Morgan White, kind enough to include a flag that was burned and bled on throughout the mess. We didn’t sleep the first night and Cwiss received his first tattoo with a stick and poke by my hand, breaks taken for cigarettes and swigs of beer to stave off the blur and unsteadiness of hand. We grilled fresh caught tuna and mahi and ate it over a bed of three-cheese pasta. We live savagely but we aren’t savages, come on now. There were long periods during which I pondered how life could possibly go on, but then it was time for a long swim and body surf lightheartedness, or a simple return to the haze and accents acquired in that sweltering jungle heat that fried bits and pieces of our brains until we were beautifully medium-rare on the scale of insanity. Strange encounters at the local markets and never-ending center line blurs accompanied by background jams and wind through the window blowing the cigarette ash irrevocably behind, always behind and immediately gone. That’s how time really moved. It was all slow and in a way it stood still for long periods, but it always maintained an awareness of itself in the present moment, and that is to say that the past was shed with a constant ease; there was no attempt to claw at the dead thing with nostalgia. Life was ahead and though we may have stumbled and blurred our vision in the haze, that horizon was always there in the distance, stretched out over the world to a point and beautiful.


The brush is out there and away and society and all its little nuances and the do’s and the don’ts are irrelevant. You are not living amongst a defined culture with norms and parameters. You are in the wild and the only realities are the sweltering yellow golden sun high in an empty sky and the incessant humming buzz of cicadas that sets the tune to the rhythm of madness. Everything else is left to your mind and hands to create, to draw out as the two deem fit. The brush will allow you to lose yourself.






In a very rare "I" statement from Donald Trump, the 1/16th of the republican candidacy hopefuls has said he is joining Ted Cruz in efforts to shut down the federal government in order to defund the evil organization that is Planned Parenthood. This is an exciting development. While we touched on the brilliancy of Cruz's strategy yesterday, let's now elaborate a little. We have concrete undebatable proof that PP is indeed harvesting fetuses and selling them on the black market to the highest bidder. We even have evidence that some of these fetuses have been used to make a rare soup considered a delicacy in some third world countries. When the atrocity of a situation has reached this level, it's time for drastic action, and that often takes the leadership of a tested and true hero like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. See, shutting down the government will defund PP by default - how can any government program be funded if there is no government? The democrats with their heads up their asses obsessing over petty issues like "preventative cancer screenings" will never see it coming!!! Not to mention, with Trump not even currently holding a government position, this news outlet purports that he could be the perfect surprise factor to shut down the federal government in a lightning quick strike, like a Trojan Horse scenario. Ted Cruz could hide behind Trump's ego and hit the kill switch while no ones looking! Or perhaps Trump will use the distracting cover of Ted Cruz's baffling witch-ghost complexion to spring the trap. Either way, we as a people cannot rest until the scourge that is PP is shut down and destroyed once and for all. #ppsellababyparts #savethefetuses #savehumanity #CHOOSELIFE


I've been saying it for years, the pro-choice activist leadership is only in it for the profit!! They've been selling fetuses left and right to the highest bidder! FACT: Did you know Osama bin laden was actually raised from a fetus sold by PP? I've personally even documented several cases of HUMAN fetuses being sold to ALIENS! From space!! And as if that isn't bad enough, the aliens are here ILLEGALLY!!!! Now that they have our fetuses they'll be coming for our jobs next!!! Ted Cruz is calling for a government shutdown to solve this issue, and while I can't argue with his bulletproof logic that completely shutting down the government is the best way to have an open discussion and resolve a government issue, I say it's not drastic enough for this kind of catastrophe! We should nuke em! Nuke em all! Nuke PP, nuke the activists, nuke the moms just to be safe!!! We must stand together if we are going to save our country from sliding into a pit of death and despair!!!! #ppsellsbabyparts #thesouthwillriseagain

i guess this is march and april.......


sometimes i'll hop on gta right when I get back from being out and i've found that that's when the most absurd situations generally happen


john boi wearing all black coming down from his inevitable airport aggro


going to the beach in key west is nice but the drinking is the more mandatory activity this is just a cold hard fact that's better to come to terms with sooner rather than later



bathroom decor game absolutely savage


late night post rum binge still mid rum binge staving off the madness enjoying the warm sea breezes



this is right out front of a food truck that my family was very against for some reason but my mahi tacos proved them wrong i did not share due to the atmosphere of bitterness but i'll count it as a win


corona, hmu for your marketing needs

i'm serious




parrotfish patrol this dock clearly because people regularly feed them probably not great for environmental sustainability but i fed them for the picture i'm not really sorry


more late night madness staving off get at yo mind get at it





pre tendon severance



"it's fly or die come lift off" sometimes it seems like i choose die



david's signature move



smiling islanders sang robbie happy birthday hahaha



new mixtape hmu for details



daily grind daily life



best drink i've had in Charlottesville not an overstatement



this platter of potato salad showed up in our apartment one night no one knows why it stayed for like two weeks also not sure why


this was a trend for a while also not sure why i went to a date function in a white t shirt with wine spilled all over it and sandy threw up all over robbie's bed hahaha



THE END except words:::

So March went something like this: I partied right on up to the wee morning hours of March 6th upon which I passed out in a state of half-bliss in order to wake up and cruise on over for lunch in Richmond. Dinner in Atlanta. Late night pizza in Ft. Lauderdale. Then the real rum binge began. I found myself in Key West once again for the third year counting. That rocky outcrop beneath the tropical sun is a safe haven for the rebellious soul willing to answer the call of the classic black flag. And so it went; it was absurd and beautiful. But I think I’ll save the specifics of those stories for their own installment in this series once time grows on it, like 2014 St. Augustine or NYC. Right, so there were a couple incredible wreck dives, more than a couple bottles of rum, tracking lizards in the jungle, sampling every take on the conch fritter and writing in the island breezes that sound off the palms like fresh rainfall in the Amazon. And then it was back to the strange shifting city that is Charlottesville. Almost immediately, the good homie Robbie and I nearly started a forest fire in attempt to celebrate his 21st birthday. And by forest fire I mean a fire which has the capability to rip through a bed of tall dry grass, to dry shrub, to large tree. After dousing the flames I proceeded to sever four of my tendons and one nerve. It was only appropriate given the circumstances. So naturally I had to lay low for a little while. And by lay low I primarily mean get high on the copious amounts of painkillers the doctors prescribed me. Right, so in that state I began to write a series of things with the working title “The Ramble Sessions.” That will not be the ultimate title, but the writing has been alive again. 

Spring began to creep along and I found myself smoking cigarettes heavy on the balcony after taking oxycodone and whilst drinking coffee. I gradually waned off the things throughout the day in order to drink at night and that went as you would generally expect. Homies and sessions and parties and all assorted mayhems in the town of Charlottesville. I wore a brace that ran from my elbow down over my fingers. It was an interesting time. Warm weather and the headiest highs you could imagine. We got by. Pictured above is the old fashion I drank on Easter after brunch along with one of the many emptied bags of wine that brought many a person to their knees. Or maybe it was more of a hunched over general crouch vomiting violently on somebody else's bed kind of stance than on the knees. I seent it. The last drawing on there was done with my left hand. That blurry turkey and cheese sandwich with key lime pie on the side - they tell you you can't just casually reach nirvana, but the food prep for that scenario was pretty damn casual. The rest is really just a vague depiction of the time in between the life. Stay moving.


So I took a little trip up to New York City with my homie Milkhand just after New Years. Haven't been to the spot since I was 10 years old. Milks had never set foot in the place. We started to get shit together maybe a week before. Booked a tight little spot on East 39th. It had a taco bar with a lounge in the downstairs. And that was the extent of our planning. The rest was the art of fuckin winging it. They tell you people are so rude and uptight in the city. Well, not if you just talk. Just learn to talk to people and don't fuckin suck. This was one for the goddamn archives. Bottle of Bacardi a night.


So the one touristy thing we did was Top of the Rock. Of course we had to wait, so we got pretzel dogs from Auntie Anne's before as one was located conveniently on the bottom floor of the place. We ate them outside tweaking in fuckin 20 degree air on a bench watching tour groups go by. I'd say they were fairly representative of the whole experience. They look dank as fuck on the outside, then you bite in and - what the fuck did you just pay money for? This shit is some guts wrapped in loose tarp wrapped in cardboard. TOP OF THE FUCKIN ROCKKKKK



Yes, tattoos occurred in the fucking pod room. Balls to the fuckin wall, we freehanded some shit and rolled out after. One night we ended up swigging endless rum in a hotel room in a Mariott and then trying to roll to some deserted bar only to get rerouted to a tight spot called Pianos by our Ukrainian cab driver. We did not exactly become friends with the owner there after Milks was spotted slapping stickers all over the walls and I was seated demanding three shots of their most expensive rum. But we did became boys with the bartender in the taco bar in our hotel and got free drinks on deck while we tried to mack on the only girls present after stumbling into a gay birthday party. Milks got his cigs stolen by a Latino transvestite one night. We rode a subway car with throwup all over the floor and ate at this spot around the corner called Giuseppi's almost every day. Our room came with a safe and we kept if full of cameras and every substance you could possibly need, and what we didn't have, we found (for free!). The bummer was that there were no ice machines so it was warm rum and cokes on deck.



The Greyhound is a long ass run and it only stops at Royal Farms I fuckin swear but their chicken is especially good at 2am. They must bring it out fresh for the late night crowd. Don't ask a potentail Criminal Minds onsub for directions. We went to the Supreme store, and I gotta say, I like Supreme but it was a bit of a fuckin wack scene. We tweaked out and smoked black American Spirits on random street corners. One night we ended up at this spot called Electric Bowery and rolled up saying "Is there a cover charge?" and the dude said "Yup" and we said "Fuck that" and started dipping and then he was like "Nah, you guys are good." So there we were and talk about a hype fuckin scene. The dancefloor was swayin in the lowlight and the drinks were $9 a pop but the flask in my back pocket was full and so we got reckless as hell. Danced the god damn night away. Got a girl in modeling to agree to a lil shoot for Avast Co and never even hit her up. I fuckin love that city man.


One night we found ourselves in McDonald's somewhere gettin towards 5am. The motherfuckers were out of burgers. At McDonald's. How the fuck can you just run out of burgers? Well, besides the point, we got chicken on deck and ended up having a heated discussion on life at the table second to last towards the window. I couldn't finish my chicken nuggets after a bit, and so the last table was occupied by two motherfuckers nodding the fuck off on some heroin. I seent it. Dude had a fucked up tear tat on his face. Like as in diy as mentioned above, but no dice on the results. It's all good, didn't even question it at the time, just said "What's up dude, you want the rest of my chicken nuggets?" Dude wakes up from nodding off on the wall drooling all over his shit and just nods vigorously. Not a word. Ate those god damn nuggets like manna from heaven. I slept with an extra chicken sandwich in my pocket that night, pants on, tv turned to why planes crash. Fuckin right.

So yeah, that next picture down there, one of the last for this tale, is the roof of the spot we were posted at. Phenomanal view. Tight ass scene. That was the first day and the second day the sun was high and bright and the sky was blue as it can get, and clean, with the cold wind blowing raw and refreshing. I woke up to that as Milks was out on a coffee and brief solo reflection journey, so naturally I grabbed my cigs and journal and made my way to the roof. You know, you're in a brand new city, alone, just taking it in, free. You don't have anyone there telling you what to do or where to go or what to think. It's just you, yourself, and whatever your senses tell you. There are no obligations. So yeah, after that is a piece of something I wrote sitting in the sunlit lounge room just inside that rooftop scene.

I fuckin love that city. These have been some of the stories, and some will stay untold for now, awaiting the right place and time. The city is mad.
Be on the lookout for our lil collab zine project that's in the works right now. Gonna be hype. ~And we doin ittttttt



HAHAHA THIS PICTURE IS SHIT QUALITY BUT LOOK AT DAVID'S FUCKIN POWER STANCE WHATS HAPPENING. i shouldn't even talk though cuz I almost got thrown out after 'making an entrance' that I don't entirely recall. Smilanders killing it as usual.


This is me fuckin up / doin it. I dig pictures like this cuz they really just represent daily life for me. I spend a lot of time at this desk working on all my incessant crazed projects, i.e. this site, Avast Co, the next zine, etc. Black spirits, some good drink, and a to-do-list will take you a longggg ways.

This place has fucking bomb ass margaritas, like if you drink 3 beers before you go and then get a jumbo it'll put you on your ass quicker than you'd ever expect. Also, there's like 15 of these pictures and David did that same fuckin pose with the guac every single time. 


This is a rooster that I saw in Key West. That's all. Roosters just roam around freely all over that town, it's so hype.

My homie Robbie cruising this little lot on a random February 65 degree day. That's actually a decent little incline you see there but you know how hills never fuckin show  up right on a picture. Then in the back past that last car where it turns to the left it actually slopes up a good bit more so if you start all the way up you can get a hype little pump up to the turn and groove around a pretty good bit. Perfect little spot when you wanna fuck around but aren't feeling that hype.

Random edit of Raleigh from Funk Summer / Avast Co workshop sessions. As seen all over the rest of this fuggin site.



So we spent a few days in August out in the woods going mad looking for waves and eating hot dogs and drinking rum incessantly under the blanket of late summer heat. In a hazy state of mind these stretches became the deserts between outposts of towns and we would lose ourselves in the centerline blur and jams de Milkhand. Oversaturated picture courtesy of me fuckin up. Fairly representative of the whole thing though.


These are just four random scenes from my room that describe it pretty well. The place is kind of like a cave, but I got three plants in it now, and they're actually fuckin exceling in low light / very irregular water conditions. Last week I almost threw up on a girl sitting where the first picture was taken. Cheers!

And on each of these "Stories from the archives" deals I'm gonna have at least one longer story, so here you go... be entertained.



So this is a picture of the bay from early-midish-October. I spend a lot of time out there in the summer just cruising and fishing and shit occasionally drinking rum with my dad. Two little tales here. One, on one of the last dives we did, out at the first island, just a nice shallow cruise over the crevices with the spadefish on the perimeter and all the toadfish below, we swam down the pile and then on the return trip the sun came out fully and was dazzling, there’s really no better word for it, and the current picked up and was pushing, and it was the closest I’ve ever felt to flying, I fuckin swear. I was putting in no effort, pumping like a fuckin dolphin, doing twists and flips and all that shit. It was incredible.


Two: Right so I was running out towards the mouth of the bay headed to the ocean just to meander and catch the fresh wind. I came up close past the pound nets and saw a fucking conundrum in the not so far distance. It was the Navy out in full force running war games right there off the base. So, as I could only see but so much, and they swang way the fuck out into the far shipping channel, and being near shore as I was, the going around move just didn’t make sense. So I pushed the throttle and kept my course. As I came up closer I saw an exchange of landing amphibious assault vehicles happening. Right in front of me. From both sides rather. That’s to say one was coming from starboard, one from port, and my trajectory was putting me in the dead fuckin center. Well, stopping didn’t seem to make sense, so I gunned it. Shot the fuckin gap. Right, that was all good and such, but then the patrol boats started closing in, and they weren’t quite as hype as I was about my maneuvering. I pushed the throttle down and tried to keep my course but those dudes have like triple outboards. So with the homie on the 50 cal swiveling towards me and the sun glinting just so perfectly off his sport cut sunglasses I decided it’d be best to go ahead and cut my engine as I could now hear him yelling over a loudspeaker to do just so. Turns out everything was all fine. The captain of the patrol boat was real cool. I think I saw some stingrays that day out in the ocean.

So I always fluctuate with shit, like this. The last post I was all like "Yes here's everything that I have for the past month! It's fully documented! In sequential order!" And right now I'm like "Shit, fuck that, the last month was crazy and this is supposed to be fun." So here's an assortment of random shit from the archives. Late 2014 flows into 2015. 



unidentified. post hype from a mixer with fungi and martinis.

for the boiz!!!! milkhand and cwisstaco

makin' shit and what not.

David Gray in between the thrash jamz.

supplies for night travels on the homestead.

first night sighting in nyc.


me in unidentified happenings at a birthday party.


Robbie and Charlie posted l8 night.

New Years in the Outer Banks was tight. A ton of homies rolled and some weirdness went down. A couple stories were recorded.

Me becoming one with my couch.


City Light$$$$$$$$$$

Yo Scarface is tight. I watched Wolf of Wall Street too and stayed up till 5am when me and milks had to catch the greyhound to nyc.

me n robbie on the sickest snapchat game. jk lol rofl omg##############

this is my foot. i don't know why I took this picture and then took the time to edit it.

the chicas up in the cut.

me n david up in the cut.



Sonic intimate shot


here's my sister and my grandma eating a sundae. also ft. salmon but all good things must come to an end.

NYC unidentified files. Pianos on Ludlow St.

Solo trips to the beach at home are one of my fuckin favorite things.



me and gma fuckin po$ted

STP in paula's crib

actually though. fuck quotes. stop searching for someone else who said it and just say it yo damn self.


emily, me, n milk$ in nyc.

the smilanders killed it again turn da fUk uP (ft. rare: david gray on acoustic)

charlie's over it.

the first night in nyc we went to this bar called No Fun and it was no fucking fun. $7 bud lights! the rest of the night was absolutely ridiculous but that story is for another time. (coming soon!)


post grunge still doin it #grimey

more beach $cene$ from home

kuma is the fukin move. there's been some sake bomb nights recently.

jofo and bp, dinner in richmond.

homestead steady grindin' in the room over the garage.

nyc, milk$, 4:48am, unknown locale.

uptown dawgzz###

There's this brunch spot right on the bay and that's the last time I see the water before driving back to the mountains.

i make shit like this when i'm doing shit like watching tv with my family or avoiding responsibilities

and then there's actual grind time.

homemade lunchable son


$quad up for cig$

the crib spot in ny. this place was tight, perfect base camp, and downstairs there was a wildass taco bar.


another b&w one of milkhand in nyc. some rooftop exploring.

more $cene$ from home#### this is my favorite evening spot.


yo here's some dope ass barnacles did you know barnacles are born swimming in the water column and they settle down when they reach maturity

top of the rock where it was dark and cold af but we got some shitty auntie anne's pretzel dogs before and another bottle of rum after

sticker squad doin it big in nyc. inspiration for the new avastco shit comin yo way soon.

i.e. anti-hype comin at cha live

one la$t beach $cene. she's alive.

and we're gonna be back in charlottesville for a while now.

looking ahead.


It's half way through December as I get my shit together in the happenings of life for the past month now. A lot happened, a lot of ups and downs and times, and a lot of strange times. I'm sitting here my first night at home with two rum and cokes poured out strong next to me, Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis is on, and you know, it's one of those moods where it's all just so bad it's good - there's so many questions to ask that there's just none, and you don't care about what it all means. It's just life, movin... just movin. No questions asked.


11/19 this is apparently about 4:30am on Paula's porch. I can't speak for what was happening but it's a standard scene. Rage around til things get weird and then crash on a couch.

11/19 couple meals. I finally went to Kroger and bought some dank shit and was in some weird ass mood where I decided to reverse all my recent attempts at healthy habits in a sincere effort to 'ball out.'

so this one was around 9pm~~

Then around 3am after some kind of night~~

So on 11/21 I slept all day and then woke up late for a potluck at a friend's place and pre-prepared myself heavily and bought a large bottle of champagne then rolled
and i found josh there!!!!
here's me n josh doing some kind of martial arts inspired shit in the background
me n aline @ said potluck as i got turnt af
i think that's all the picatures; the night ended well doe.

11/25 early early morning here's some random screenshot from gta vice city. i take a shit ton of screenshots of this game that i think are funny and then obviously don't do anything with them. this one's here to represent the downtime in this past month where i do worthless shit, like play gta on my phone, and also watch house. there's been a lot of that in between the running around and the more recent wild ass tweak vibes.

then 11/25 day n night couple grabs. this was the going home for thanksgiving. i ran around packing all last minute as usual, grabbed six brownies, stopped at david's for like a 2 hour photo review / coffee convo sesh, then headed out for the road. i do enjoy the road.

~roadtrip food is justified, no matter what~~
i like moving, particularly going fast. seed by sublime was probably playing. honestly, try playing it loud while you're driving and not going at least 90.
home means room over the garage drinks (like right now), and often the drinks are my parents', which means heavy rums and coronas. thank God my parents have good taste.
ya so then my homie cwiss told me he was actually heading to the obx for the rest of break so i was like fuck, i gotta catch up with this kid, so i rolled over there probably around 12:30 to kick it. couple beers, couple brownies, couple stories shared. this is his dog, misty. i was there when they got her in like 3rd grade. now she's old and super mellow.

11/26. so milkhand hit me up and was like 'yo i need a wingman for this weird shit at some bar' and of course i was like 'sure' and then we hit up starbucks first and i was like 'wanna eat a brownie each' and naturally he was like 'sure' and ya then the night happened.

~here we are in starbucks~~
~~unfortunately i didn't stop to take any pictures in the bar. but it went a bit like this: those chicas aforementioned never materialized but i never asked. the brownies took us somewhere into the upper atmosphere and then abandoned us with no fuckin cruise control. the scene was hype af and pretty much everything was overwhelming and everybody was drinking shitty beers and i was pounding doubles on mix dranks and we didn't have any cigarettes. also we ran into about 6007 people from high school that kind of seemed like characters from some foreign story at the time. anyway, here's milkhand and lenscap on pacific avenue afterwards on our way to rick's cafe where i got a chipotle chicken sub and french toast.

11/27 at home, my dad and sister. el senor and jofo. angle from me laying on the floor as we watch random shit on tv and can't agree on a movie.

11/28 early morning maybe 1:20am. this is just a room over the garage scene on a grind / create night on the homestead, when i do shit like put this sequence together or better yet make some new art that goes under 'Creations' on here. a lot of these motherfuckers are my childhood creations. others are just random artifacts.

11/28 afternoon. couple fuckin homies at the friendly neighborhood starbucks. milkhand and josh catchin' up.
then later when josh dipped and me and milks bought some random shit at chkd and then went to guads. basically we used to always roll up in this spot as yung fuckheads back in the day with the crew, surfing through the evening, hitting on random tourist girls at the boardwalk, and then finishing it out with tacos. and here we are, both finally 21, legally ordering a couple margaritas. time is strange let me tell ya.
later that night i had to go to my neighbors', family friends on mulitple levels. they were having a tailgate kinda thing and i hate football in general and there were about 704 people that i knew there from high school so the only reasonable decision was to drink myself to oblivion, or at least to being comfortable with putting my feet in the firepit because it was 'warm.' whatever, my dad poured half the drinks. selfie in their bathroom.

11/29 evening after some weird shit and up in the shopping center by my neighborhood that i used to always skate up to with the crew back in the day. the sky was spreading its own message.

all i know is that this was after 4am on december 1st and some werid shit had definitely gone down.

12/2 around 1:30am. me david n robbie rolled over to paulas about this time for some usual / heavy / largely undocumented occasion. here's the boards. lots of times we skate for 30-45 minutes after saying we'll be there 'in a minute; we're actually leaving now'
me n david not even feeling it, actually 10 seconds after the boards pic... couple brownies~~~
and later here's DA SQUAD! as we're about to dip, maybe a lil after 3:30am... 

12/2 random solo afternoon shot, 'untold scenes from the table.' always a combination of aftermath, the present, and what's to come.

12/3 another untold scene from the table, only a different table. this is in the main room of the apartment as me and robbie have / had been taking tobacco bowls. lemme tell you, those shits will hit quick and brief, but they will take you to another world for those seconds.

12/4 3am dealing with real shit vibes!!!!


12/5...Friday! Friday night lights!
So here's a dumpster with an Avast sticker. This is a dumpster we generally roll past to get from my place to Paula's. On this occasion I believe it was me and robbie finally rolling over to pregame the o'records show at boylan, which basically means rex, james, paula, and david were all playing - everybody but me and robbie.
ya so we pregamed at paulas, rolled back to our place, pregamed quite heavily more, and then we rolled up to the show, which was dope. quite dope. the right substances and many a drink. here's a few grabs. fridayyyy~~


~~we missed rex and james open but here's david and the smilanders in heavy thrash mode speed blur:
we've seen them, especially at boylan, a bunch. and i gotta say, they groove hard as fuck. even if it wasn't homies on stage, i'll say nonobjectively, they're worth checking out.

~~ cha, so here's me, david, n a couple beers in between songs. 
~here's david and this girl that i don't remember her name doing the last song together. it was super hype; it was that song that's like "are you gonna be my girllll" and david was in her face as he sang that line and she was super nonchalant like "maybe" and i was like "OHHHHH" cuz c'mon, that's perfect improv...
and then here's the end groove, that song, and errybody got up on stage..... HYPE ASS SCENE

~paula hopped up and started groovin' then she pulled rex up

~and rex fuckin' got up on the groove (the bearded homie in case it isn't clear yet)
~then robbie was like fuck and hopped up on da stage
~and once that happened i was like 'fuck, okkk... yes i do wanna be on stage.' and so i hopped up. and the video grabs continue: here's trumpet kid up close and personal:
and just to sum it up, mind u all of this was just iphone frame grabs from an iphone video edited, not my nice ass canon or some other nice ass shit~~~here's two random mothafukas cruisin' and groovin' up on stage as that last hype song evolved into a groove, and as it approached its last 60 seconds ~ the vibe was right and the hype was so real. i can't promote shit more real than this. just a couple dudes that i don't fuckin' know at all headbaning' for the camera, and more so for the heavy music goin' on in the picture's current scene. on stage, live, feelings, no thoughts. this is life happening.

So yeah, that last song ended somewhere a bit after midnight that night. I remember a lot of vague things occurring. Amongst them and more chillin', here's two selfies, for better or for worse, highly descriptive of what happened in the next hour~~~

And then here's David getting reckless less than 10 minutes later on our skate back over to Paula's:
Chaaaaa, 12/6 morning~~~~~~

12/6 night vibes. Fairly sure I was supposed to study 'all day and all night.' I slept throughout the day and then here's the night ~ Saturday:

~The bathroom at Coupe's still supports the old skool avast sticker with the new $$ mothafuka in purple. i don't remember putting either of them up, but here's a picature of both efforts living on. 11:28pm.
11:51pm i dig chillin with this crew. emily, k8, maggie, n anisha.
lil l8 nite bagel n oj afters.
lil l8 nite emily afters~~~
she's a dope ass chica~~

12/8, here's what i got next ~ me and rex kicked it this evening and eventually tried to hit abc, which was closed, so we ended up hitting mccy d's and taco bell, particularly for those cinnabon dessert things ::: 
so then here's lookin down at my feet in el coche after i  bought the modelos in kroger and was waitin on rex to materialize ::: 
l8r when me and rex were there af after buying a couple 40s in addition to everything and assuring paula that it was a 'study factory' happening and preceeding to munch and watch the fuckin' globe best movie acceptance award speech on youtube amongst other great things, i.e. have you searched johnny depp's drunken award presentation where he plays himself ( ) ((that's it)). cha ::: 
and then l8r still that same night when erryone was vibing light but shortly after i was like "i'm dying"
and then 4:20am that morning just for kix ::: ~~ 

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