Pictured above is the latest debacle in this saga of tragic debate. The mayor of Roanoke has come under heavy fire for penning a letter explaining that his city would not accept Syrian refugees. Well, that’s not true. The mayor of Roanoke actually came under fire for his unfortunate choice of historical allusion, that being a seeming condoning of the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II. Yes, an awful period of our country’s history and an awful choice of historical reference. But that’s all the attention I’m going to give the mayor’s gaffe here. Because it comes back to this – he is under fire for his gaffe much more so than he is for the actual purpose of penning the letter, and that purpose was to turn away all the Syrian refugees that had high hopes of settling in the prominent American boomtown that is Roanoke, Virginia. A joke. But this is no joking matter. Some legislators are up in arms over President Obama’s intentions to admit several thousand Syrian refugees to the country. By the day I see more Facebook posts on my newsfeed with links to joining groups lobbying legislators to turn away Syrian refugees. European politics are shifting to the right, toward an anti-immigration fervor to keep these refugees out. The people are speaking.


Terrifying! "By land?" Then it must be bad! 



            Now, I think it is very important when assessing a polarizing issue to examine both sides of the argument, even if one has already chosen a side. So I’ll acknowledge right now that I understand the concerns. Of course there is the economy. Americans are already desperately seeking jobs, the very reason so many are anti-immigration, this actually meaning anti-letting-Mexicans-in. There are of course the concerns of having to reactivate our melting pot, as we haven’t actually done so since the 1920s. It hasn’t been turned on in nearly a century and so it’s hard to say if it will work. The main reason, however, is the concern that by opening our doors to a flow of Syrians we will unwittingly allow in the radical terrorists that behead civilians and massacre the streets of Paris, the ones that haunt our worst nightmares in these times. This is understandable. It is a legitimate concern. This breed of extremists is not one that is willing to listen to an argument and negotiate terms of an uneasy agreement. They have a cause and that cause involves killing you and me. These are not people we want to open our doors to, to put it lightly. And how can we be sure that if the doors are open any screen will be effective enough to keep the bad ones out? What guarantee can we have? And the harsh answer to that, quite frankly, is none. There is no guarantee.



            This issue is supremely complex. There is nothing black and white about it; it is gray to the core. However, I’m not writing a book; this is, after all, just a blog post. But please don’t call it a blog. That’s beside the point; the point is I am not denying the legitimacy of the concerns over accepting Syrian refugees, but I am going to argue in favor of accepting them, and I am going to limit my argument to two overarching reasons.



            The first of these reasons is simple: morality. If you’ll allow me to remove my gloves of decency for a moment… “The Syrian Refugee Crisis.” That is the title of this historical event. Fuck that. Fuck a title. We’re removed from what it is, and it is this: millions of people are fleeing a country where they have to be legitimately concerned about having bombs dropped on their heads and their children shot to death in the streets at any time. Listen to that. It’s not an exaggeration to appeal to a reader’s emotions; it’s a fucking fact. The government is killing its people. The opposition to the government is killing its people. Several terrorist organizations are killing the people. The US-led coalition is dropping bombs that kill the people. Russia is dropping bombs that kill the people. Society is in shambles. I am not writing to choose a side in a war right now. My point is this: I think we on the other side of a big ocean often find it easy to dehumanize the people of Syria, and I don’t mean that from a haughty imagined “higher moral ground” perspective, I mean this: because they are from an area of the world very far away with a very different culture and history, they are not us. And if they are not us and our society and our culture, then they are different in some almost subconscious way; they don’t live like us and so they, quite simply, are just not of the same fabric.



       Let me say right now that this is absolute bullshit. Of course cultures and language vary, but across the world, as vastly different as we all are, we are much more the same. Syria was an advanced nation prior to the outbreak of civil war in 2011. People used social media. Young people went to University. Parents built careers and dreamed of nothing more than raising their children well. Young teenage couples went on dates at coffee shops and had seventeen-year-old sex at the girl’s house while her parents were at work and flipped a shit when her dad got home early and Timmy had to hold his breath while he hid in the closet before Sara’s dad finally got in the shower and she could slip him out the backdoor. Oh wait, sorry, I meant before Hedija could slip Adham out the backdoor. Do the fucking names change their humanity? This is the point that I am trying to make. These are people just like us who have had the horrible misfortune of having the country they live in go to absolute shit. That is all. They aren’t freeloaders or degenerates of some sort; they are average people who are fleeing thousands of miles to utter uncertainty because that uncertainty is better than the certainty of staying in their homes. Quite simply, they do not want to die, or live out their days in a horrific warzone – they want to be somewhere where they have a chance to live decently and aspire to their dreams.


                                                   This man left Syria for Jordan just because he thought he needed    

                                                   medical treatment for getting a little hit in the face by a rocket launcher.

                                                   Then in Jordan they threw him a casual, "You need heart sugery dawg."

                                                   WHAT REASON COULD THIS MAN HAVE FOR WANTING TO LIVE  

                                                   IN THE UNITED STATES?


        That is the first part of my argument. Yes, concerns about terrorists slipping in amongst them are legitimate, particularly in the context of worries around the most recent Paris attack. And yes, concerns about how our economy and institutions will deal with, quite simply, the numbers of people are legitimate. But how the fuck do these concerns outweigh the lives of literally millions of people? How does the fear of an attack one day maybe happening on our soil outweigh the immediate attacks that they face? And so the sad irony is that our horror of potentially allowing in a few terrorists amongst thousands and thousands of saved innocent lives is the very real everyday horror that these people have been facing and the exact reason they have left their country for ours. Yes, our concerns are legitimate, but they do not trump the basic human obligation to help our fellow human beings when we can. And make no qualms about it: we can.



     Now, part two. I understand that morals are subjective, so I offer something more practical if you will, something that will perhaps sound more controversial and stoke the general ire. I’d say sorry if I meant it but I don’t, so I won’t. I find this argument necessary to attempt to reach different mindsets. People don’t like to be marginalized and mistreated. That’s human nature. And if you marginalize and mistreat people for an extended period of time, they are not going to want to be your friends. They are probably not going to like you. Regardless of one’s stance on allowing refugees in, most people agree that Daesh is horrendous and is going to have to be done away with one way or another. Most people can agree that peace must come to Syria, one way or another, and that it would really be great if greater peace could come to more of the Middle East. I’m not going to discuss the feasibility or strategy of any of those issues here; the idea itself is the point in this case. So here is an over-generalization, but it contains truth: would you like to win millions and millions of hearts and minds across the Middle East, and even the globe, or would you rather further marginalize and isolate them, ultimately making them at best not your friends and at worst your enemies?


                             This famous scene was actually staged for a variety of strategic reasons not least of which

                             was to satiate the ever hungry American mass media, but hey! You get the idea! We won! 



     If you’ll humor me and put aside the strong feelings that that may have stirred up for just a few moments, I’ll continue: how often in history has mistreating a massive group of people paid off in the long run? How often in history has acting rashly out of fear paid off in the long run? I’m not talking morals now; I’m talking coolly calculated strategy. Taking the risk and opening our doors now will benefit us in the long run. Our enemies who say we are selfish and hypocritical will find a harder time legitimately making their arguments. Our allies who point their fingers at us for not doing enough will find a finger pointing back at them to do more. The American Dream will find a revitalized meaning amongst a new generation and disillusioned cultures across the world. This country will ultimately benefit from taking the risk now. So I present it in that light. Over-simplified statements in some cases? Of course. But it comes down to this for argument number two: it’s a simple cost-benefit analysis, and when one thinks beyond the immediate costs, the long-term benefits tip the scale dramatically. There are real risks and it’s not going to be easy to let thousands of refugees in, but our country will ultimately stand in a stronger and quite simply better position for doing it. 



      I’ll conclude by again acknowledging that this is a supremely complicated issue. My writing has employed generalizations and has certainly not taken on every facet of the thing. It is simply a collection of my thoughts, and I hope that by articulating them I may be able to in some slight way stir the minds and souls of my fellow Americans and people around the globe. We don’t all agree, but we all need to think, and to listen to each other’s differing opinions, and then act, in one way or another. Because no matter where you stand, there are millions of human beings living in terror and painful uncertainty as a result of this thing at this very moment. That’s a fact, and so sweet easy inaction is not okay no matter what the circumstances.



*images above sources: bbc for most of that shit and then al jazeera for the screen grab, also reuters for sum dank fotos. look at me being mature and citing my sources.



word back to charlottesville for the fourth year counting. we know this town all too well we know the motions so we gotta shake it up a bit. try to keep it interesting. time marches on and on and onnnnnnnn



did you know that at this site dolomite naturally precipitates out of the water? aren't you glad you know that now?


eleven word summary

the night lurker vibe




u ever just get the urge to do a lot of drugs and look at a rainbow horse painting with an american flag bandana on? me neither real talk


mostly self-explanatory

actually everybody in this picture is just looking at that pizza above. live laugh love!!!!

every year brings new concepts that right off the bat just seem like they must have always been there. SFUS LEZ DO IT


u ever pull one of those ultra lowkey moves like 'yo u guys wanna smoke a cig? word haha i'll meet u out there in a minute' and then just disappear into the bathroom and quite literally die? me neither forreal

two girls and a campfire on a lonely peak

hahahahaha somebody stop this man please it's for the greater good

#lowlightvibe 22 years and counting now


roofs have been a common theme so far i guess u could say we're headed toward higher places haaaaa i'm outta here

this is when i stay up til 8 in the morning fukd out of my mind but rly fukd into my mind u feel me

flipside of the coin

Right so this is where we met Dimitri, a grimey ass motherfucker with murder on his mind if he gets in your car sorry but at least don't let him play anything punk that's what sets him off




i guess as you get older you get wiser namely that spending $5-7 more is worth it to semi enjoy ur drink

u ever accidentally stay up til 3:30 in the morning cuz ur low key rolling ur face off and then the only thing to do is drink martinis and listen to music really loud and do very casual kareokee? me neither tbh

go on instagram look up @rmdrake and @mvdarklight and know that everything i do on this site is in opposition to precisely that kind of absolute joke of being an artist and more importantly in direct opposition to that disgusting farce of seeking real meaning in this life. fuck that bullshit.

all of these beautiful leaves are dead now

this is when i went thru a weird lil mini phase during which i accidentally watched all of game of thrones. yes that's 5 seasons aka 50 hours of television

tropicana exists in every dimension everywhere forever this is important to know

cave dwell inside for 14 hours daily

birthday cake before and after pic ft. turkey & cheese on english raisen muffin with honey

new levels of creepy are always possible don't doubt that




these are my friends please give them a little extra space

solo stp, cave dwelling, tweak vibe, rest and relaxation, mental exploration, expression. it's a lot of things.





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word so come august i finally wasn't working everyday. took a trip to robbie's lake haus with a weird cast of characters. played poker shot bb guns at stuff floated around fukd out of my mind in a pool. wakeboarded til the boat broke down smoked cigs in hot tub watch star wars when ur far far away.


then down to frisco to lose your mind on the long hot empty road. woodland treats and saltwater showers. slithering around virginia beach for a while in the sun and the sea breeze. ride that bike to starbucks tryna bang out some meaning in life, ride back swerving from the rum and cocktail in a can when you don't find it.


as of now, the summer is dead. it's been fun.

"an asshole with a cig" circa early august 2015

a family barbecue with the backwater goons.


haven't seen kaij in two years won't see him again for another two


the two original fuck ups talk fuckin each other up over a few dollars someone stop these men


cigs and bb guns and a boat


drink til you're unstable then go cook hot dogs




this is the key to rex's heart


'yo if we pick the lock we can get her adderall'


COMING UP SOON cast of characters:



DID YOU KNOW: it is possible to garner national media attention by writing a response to a sorority recruitment video?

DID YOU KNOW: it is possible to write a response to a sorority recruitment video?

DID YOU KNOW: there are sorority recruitment videos?


Me neither! So read on!


This image depicts just one of the horrific "whirlwind of girl-on-girl piggyback rides" metioned by Bailey.

“It’s a parade of white girls and blonde hair dye, coordinated clothing, bikinis and daisy dukes, glitter and kisses, bouncing bodies, euphoric hand-holding and hugging, gratuitous booty shots, and matching aviator sunglasses.” Yes! The outrage! This quote comes from a well thought out and quite necessary article written by A.L. Bailey in response to a recruitment video released by Alpha Phi at the University of Alabama. Bailey zeroed in on this video after being appalled by its appeal to “beauty, sexuality” and lack of “any mention of core ideals or service.” And it’s a good thing she arrived when she did – this media outlet purports an entire generation of girls was about to be brainwashed by this horrific piece of sorority propaganda! See, what Bailey was essentially getting at in her piece is that these girls are selling themselves short. They are treading on all the good progress made in the feminist movement and reverting to a primeval time when women are only valued for their bodies and men lust after them like dogs. They are throwing their bodies around like they are meaningless inanimate objects! Like they are “commodities” to be sold! Yes! These girls are telling a generation of young women that it is ok to be less! As Bailey says, “Sororities are known for being pretty and flirty; they aren’t bastions of feminist ideologies. But perhaps they shouldn’t completely sabotage them either.”


This media outlet would like to further the point, to pick up where Bailey left off so to speak. DID YOU KNOW: by being pretty a girl is illegible to be a bastion of feminist ideology? It’s a fact! Clearly when this young woman picked out her genes some time before birth she had made a deal with the devil already! “Hey, Lucifer, if you give me blonde hair, a symmetrical face, and a curved body I will prostitute myself out to your cause!” This media outlet even has a recording of one such conversation (to be released later!). Clearly a young woman who is attractive and aware of it and dares to show off her body can’t contribute to the advancement of women and their being treated as equals across the board of society and culture! No! And God forbid if she’s flirty. How dare her! Bashing the feminist ideology all in one fell swoop! This media outlet purports that the logical conclusion to Bailey’s assertions is that these young women ugly themselves up a good bit, perhaps paint on unibrows (not that I am prejudice against unibrows!), and cover their bodies like certain hardline religious practices command. It only seems reasonable! And as for flirtation – nay! A young woman should never flirt or show interest in another human being she may be interested in. How dare her trounce the feminist ideology! How dare her even allude to selling her body out to “hormonal college-aged guys”! You may at this point be thinking ‘Wait – isn’t she a hormonal college-aged girl? What if she wants to share her body with a hormonal college-age guy of her choosing?’ No! No! You’ve missed Bailey’s point! See, Bailey has an image in her mind of what a feminist movement should look like, and if you don’t fit that image, then there’s no room for you! You’re dead weight! Get out! Die! Jump on a sword! And then with all of the attractive bimbos gone (shout out to Trump!), with the burning of all that satanic “coordinated clothing”, with the destruction of those horrific “bikinis” and that “hugging”, with the annihilation of those straight from hell itself “matching aviator sunglasses”, then maybe, just maybe we can get on with the advancement of women! Maybe then, all you girls out there, and especially you sorority girls, maybe then at last you can achieve your lifelong meaning and be “the kind of thing Bailey never wants her young daughters to see or emulate!”


Now, in all seriousness, what the honest fuck. A.L. Bailey, congratulations, this was one of the most absurd, unnecessary, and hypocritical pieces of writing I have come across in quite some time now – “’Bama sorority video worse for women than Donald Trump.” While I don’t have time today to get into the true blessing to Earth that Donald Trump is, I would like to close with asking a simple question: how is this video bad for women? How ignorant are you? If a girl feels good about her body and she wants to show it off, then she can show it off all she fucking wants to. If she wants to go flirt with one guy, or five guys, for seriousness or just for kicks, then she can. If she wants to make a video with her friends that is giddy and frolicky and shows them roaming around in bikinis, then she can. And then she can still walk into class or the office or the fucking Friendly’s around the corner and hold her head high. That’s the point. IT’S HER FUCKING CHOICE. Not yours, not society’s, and sure as hell not the parameters of your narrow-minded vision of what a feminist movement should look like. Because if we’re all really going to be treated equally one day, then it’s time to stop making sweeping generalizations across groups of people and start approaching each other like the individual human beings we all are. Person to person. Individual to individual. Everyday. And nothing else. THIS MEDIA OUTLET PURPORTS: Fuck this dumbass article.


You can find a link to Bailey's original article here:


and, similarly, a link to a load of shit, here: load of shit

The brush is a stretch of scrub and rolling dune and tucked away sandy open space all connected by shoddily paved interweaving roads. The only way to approach it is to lose yourself immediately in a general haze and replenish the fluids lost to incessant sweat under the high sun with beer after beer after rum drink. The madness inevitably sets in as haze gives way to drunkenness to cigarette to haze and on through the swirling vortex. But the bottom never comes in the brush. That is really the thing. Down, down, down you go but you’re always going. Going until the golden orange sun breaks the surface in that pink and purple soft blue sky over the green grass dyed golden across the rolling hills and peaks of sand breathing forth from the sea to the south that gives a heaving sigh of life to the breast of the whole thing. 




So there were Modelos and local NC brews and Yeunglings and an entire bottle of eight year aged Bacardi chased by Capt. Morgan White, kind enough to include a flag that was burned and bled on throughout the mess. We didn’t sleep the first night and Cwiss received his first tattoo with a stick and poke by my hand, breaks taken for cigarettes and swigs of beer to stave off the blur and unsteadiness of hand. We grilled fresh caught tuna and mahi and ate it over a bed of three-cheese pasta. We live savagely but we aren’t savages, come on now. There were long periods during which I pondered how life could possibly go on, but then it was time for a long swim and body surf lightheartedness, or a simple return to the haze and accents acquired in that sweltering jungle heat that fried bits and pieces of our brains until we were beautifully medium-rare on the scale of insanity. Strange encounters at the local markets and never-ending center line blurs accompanied by background jams and wind through the window blowing the cigarette ash irrevocably behind, always behind and immediately gone. That’s how time really moved. It was all slow and in a way it stood still for long periods, but it always maintained an awareness of itself in the present moment, and that is to say that the past was shed with a constant ease; there was no attempt to claw at the dead thing with nostalgia. Life was ahead and though we may have stumbled and blurred our vision in the haze, that horizon was always there in the distance, stretched out over the world to a point and beautiful.


The brush is out there and away and society and all its little nuances and the do’s and the don’ts are irrelevant. You are not living amongst a defined culture with norms and parameters. You are in the wild and the only realities are the sweltering yellow golden sun high in an empty sky and the incessant humming buzz of cicadas that sets the tune to the rhythm of madness. Everything else is left to your mind and hands to create, to draw out as the two deem fit. The brush will allow you to lose yourself.






In a very rare "I" statement from Donald Trump, the 1/16th of the republican candidacy hopefuls has said he is joining Ted Cruz in efforts to shut down the federal government in order to defund the evil organization that is Planned Parenthood. This is an exciting development. While we touched on the brilliancy of Cruz's strategy yesterday, let's now elaborate a little. We have concrete undebatable proof that PP is indeed harvesting fetuses and selling them on the black market to the highest bidder. We even have evidence that some of these fetuses have been used to make a rare soup considered a delicacy in some third world countries. When the atrocity of a situation has reached this level, it's time for drastic action, and that often takes the leadership of a tested and true hero like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. See, shutting down the government will defund PP by default - how can any government program be funded if there is no government? The democrats with their heads up their asses obsessing over petty issues like "preventative cancer screenings" will never see it coming!!! Not to mention, with Trump not even currently holding a government position, this news outlet purports that he could be the perfect surprise factor to shut down the federal government in a lightning quick strike, like a Trojan Horse scenario. Ted Cruz could hide behind Trump's ego and hit the kill switch while no ones looking! Or perhaps Trump will use the distracting cover of Ted Cruz's baffling witch-ghost complexion to spring the trap. Either way, we as a people cannot rest until the scourge that is PP is shut down and destroyed once and for all. #ppsellababyparts #savethefetuses #savehumanity #CHOOSELIFE


I've been saying it for years, the pro-choice activist leadership is only in it for the profit!! They've been selling fetuses left and right to the highest bidder! FACT: Did you know Osama bin laden was actually raised from a fetus sold by PP? I've personally even documented several cases of HUMAN fetuses being sold to ALIENS! From space!! And as if that isn't bad enough, the aliens are here ILLEGALLY!!!! Now that they have our fetuses they'll be coming for our jobs next!!! Ted Cruz is calling for a government shutdown to solve this issue, and while I can't argue with his bulletproof logic that completely shutting down the government is the best way to have an open discussion and resolve a government issue, I say it's not drastic enough for this kind of catastrophe! We should nuke em! Nuke em all! Nuke PP, nuke the activists, nuke the moms just to be safe!!! We must stand together if we are going to save our country from sliding into a pit of death and despair!!!! #ppsellsbabyparts #thesouthwillriseagain

i guess this is march and april.......


sometimes i'll hop on gta right when I get back from being out and i've found that that's when the most absurd situations generally happen


john boi wearing all black coming down from his inevitable airport aggro


going to the beach in key west is nice but the drinking is the more mandatory activity this is just a cold hard fact that's better to come to terms with sooner rather than later



bathroom decor game absolutely savage


late night post rum binge still mid rum binge staving off the madness enjoying the warm sea breezes



this is right out front of a food truck that my family was very against for some reason but my mahi tacos proved them wrong i did not share due to the atmosphere of bitterness but i'll count it as a win


corona, hmu for your marketing needs

i'm serious




parrotfish patrol this dock clearly because people regularly feed them probably not great for environmental sustainability but i fed them for the picture i'm not really sorry


more late night madness staving off get at yo mind get at it





pre tendon severance



"it's fly or die come lift off" sometimes it seems like i choose die



david's signature move



smiling islanders sang robbie happy birthday hahaha



new mixtape hmu for details



daily grind daily life



best drink i've had in Charlottesville not an overstatement



this platter of potato salad showed up in our apartment one night no one knows why it stayed for like two weeks also not sure why


this was a trend for a while also not sure why i went to a date function in a white t shirt with wine spilled all over it and sandy threw up all over robbie's bed hahaha



THE END except words:::

So March went something like this: I partied right on up to the wee morning hours of March 6th upon which I passed out in a state of half-bliss in order to wake up and cruise on over for lunch in Richmond. Dinner in Atlanta. Late night pizza in Ft. Lauderdale. Then the real rum binge began. I found myself in Key West once again for the third year counting. That rocky outcrop beneath the tropical sun is a safe haven for the rebellious soul willing to answer the call of the classic black flag. And so it went; it was absurd and beautiful. But I think I’ll save the specifics of those stories for their own installment in this series once time grows on it, like 2014 St. Augustine or NYC. Right, so there were a couple incredible wreck dives, more than a couple bottles of rum, tracking lizards in the jungle, sampling every take on the conch fritter and writing in the island breezes that sound off the palms like fresh rainfall in the Amazon. And then it was back to the strange shifting city that is Charlottesville. Almost immediately, the good homie Robbie and I nearly started a forest fire in attempt to celebrate his 21st birthday. And by forest fire I mean a fire which has the capability to rip through a bed of tall dry grass, to dry shrub, to large tree. After dousing the flames I proceeded to sever four of my tendons and one nerve. It was only appropriate given the circumstances. So naturally I had to lay low for a little while. And by lay low I primarily mean get high on the copious amounts of painkillers the doctors prescribed me. Right, so in that state I began to write a series of things with the working title “The Ramble Sessions.” That will not be the ultimate title, but the writing has been alive again. 

Spring began to creep along and I found myself smoking cigarettes heavy on the balcony after taking oxycodone and whilst drinking coffee. I gradually waned off the things throughout the day in order to drink at night and that went as you would generally expect. Homies and sessions and parties and all assorted mayhems in the town of Charlottesville. I wore a brace that ran from my elbow down over my fingers. It was an interesting time. Warm weather and the headiest highs you could imagine. We got by. Pictured above is the old fashion I drank on Easter after brunch along with one of the many emptied bags of wine that brought many a person to their knees. Or maybe it was more of a hunched over general crouch vomiting violently on somebody else's bed kind of stance than on the knees. I seent it. The last drawing on there was done with my left hand. That blurry turkey and cheese sandwich with key lime pie on the side - they tell you you can't just casually reach nirvana, but the food prep for that scenario was pretty damn casual. The rest is really just a vague depiction of the time in between the life. Stay moving.

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